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Murder Sets Sail

Length: 296 pages5 hours


Chris doesn’t know when he charters his sail boat, the AHWANAH, to George Harris for a three-month cruise to Tahiti and other South Pacific islands that George plans to high-jack his boat. George needs the boat to rendezvous with a sailboat out of Hong Kong carrying a hundred kilos of China White. One week out of Honolulu George commandeers the boat and heads West to rendezvous with the other boat.
After the heroin is transferred at the rendezvous and two accomplices come aboard from the other boat, George shoots one of them for having tried to double cross him while they were still in Honolulu. The Hong Kong boat is scuttled and it is obvious that the owner of that boat was killed before they ever got to the rendezvous.
George makes it clear that the only reason Chris is still alive is in case the Coast Guard approaches them as they get back into Hawaiian waters. It would not do for the Coast Guard to find a boat without its owner aboard. George warns Chris that if he tries to notify the Coast Guard in any way about what's going on aboard the boat, Myra will be killed.
Chris is certain that George intends to kill both Myra and him and sink the AHWANAH as soon as they transfer to a powerboat they are to meet when they are in Hawaiian waters. In a daring move, Chris works on a plan for Myra and him to slip over the side undetected and hopefully be able to make it to land.

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