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Your New Budgie Guide

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How many of us got the opportunity to raise a bird when we were children? I'd wager that there are more of us than you may think. And, for many of us, that first step into "petdom" was a parakeet.

Now, what you may not know is that a parakeet is actually a budgerigar and is native to Australia. Also known as a "budgie," in the wild they are usually light green with black and yellow markings but bred in captivity they come in many different colors.

No matter what you choose to call them, there is no doubt about the popularity of these beautiful little creatures. They bring many fond memories to those of us who were fortunate to have one around as a child.

A budgie/parakeet is a great "first" pet to introduce to young children. Since your bird is a "caged" pet unlike a kitten or puppy, the bird is unlikely to be squeezed too tightly or get little fingers into eyes or ears.

All too often little children are injured by their pets who just don't understand that the child's play is just that . . . play. The risk of injury is greatly reduced when the pet is a bird that remains protected in a cage.

Another great advantage is being able to teach a bird to speak. Of course there is no guarantee that the bird will talk, but with love and persistence the odds are good that it can learn rudimentary mimicking like other members of the parrot family.

If you do not have children a budgie/parakeet is a great companion. There is something magical about having a beautiful bird in your home. Many owners who are single by choice or happenstance enjoy the companionship of their bird.

So, what's next?

That's where we come in. If you are serious about learning how to obtain and nurture a new bird companion, we have just the ticket, "Your New Budgie Guide."

And, what's great about it is that:
You don’t need any special training. It’s a very easy read.
It doesn’t require a lot of time to get started.
You can begin preparation as soon as you’ve read the guide.
Cost is very low. It’s a real bargain!

What you will learn . . .
It has everything you need to become your own bird owner:
Learn what to do to get started.
Find out how to prepare a safe home for your bird.
Discover whether to use a new or used cage.
How and what to feed your bird.
Uncover everything about your birds health.
How to find the right veterinarian.

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