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Idle Tastes

Length: 145 pages2 hours


Cannibalism in the suburbs.

Michelle and her friends aren't sure of much in their lives. They don't have careers, they don't have any sort of independence, and they don't have a clue how to become adults. But they do have a plan: to kill and eat someone.

Will they actually go through with their plan? Isn't it a lot of work? Will they find real jobs before they can? Wouldn't it be enough to metaphorically eat someone, like with a voodoo doll cookie or a grilled slab of mystery meat while watching Silence of the Lambs? No, that would be cheating, and you know it.

As these dormant college graduates set their plan into action in the beautiful yet snug suburbs of San Francisco, they learn about teamwork, trust, and the value of a bone saw.

Who's hungry?

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