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Chinese Recipes: A Tantalizing Adventure for your Taste Buds

Length: 57 pages24 minutes


Chinese cuisine has evolved continuously over centuries. Dating back to thousands of years, Chinese cuisine changed from time to time under the influence of various climates, imperial trends and local preferences. With time, cooking techniques improved and various ingredients from other cultures were incorporated in Chinese cuisine due to imperial expansion and immense trade; first with the neighboring regions and then with Europe as well as the New World in modern times.

Methods and tastes of Chinese cooking varied considerably on the basis of ethnic background, class and region. Due to this, Chinese cuisine now includes a variety of ingredients, dishes, eating styles and cooking techniques while still remaining faithful to the food traditions and spirit of Chinese culture.

With this recipe book, you will be able to make 25 authentic Chinese dishes at home. This book will guide you on how to make soup, rice dishes, sauce and other tasty Chinese dishes at home. Get ready to indulge in a Chinese adventure and surprise your taste buds with a variety of new and interesting flavors.

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