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Frost Fire Worlds August 2014

Length: 113 pages1 hour


This quarterly magazine is devoted to science fiction and fantasy for younger readers, ages 8 to 80 or so. The stories focus on characters, on adventures, on folks coping with future developments or, in the case of fantasy, magical circumstances.
August 2014

Song From Silence by Anne E. Johnson
Captain Sable’s Crew by Beth Powers
Defender by Eric J. Juneau
Garden In The Sky by Daniel C. Smith
The Amazing Adventures Of A Baloney Sandwich by K. S. Hardy
The Upworlders by Doreen Diorio
Cosmo, The Space Boy, And The Rainbow Snake by Tom Howard
Second Sun by Matthew Wilson

Flash Fiction
The Cure by Matthew Wilson

Fayrie by Dawn McCormack
The King of the Wee Folk by Mathias Colwell
Watchdog by Keith Sikora
Evolution by Tyree Campbell
Lacey by Dawn McCormack
The Adventurer by Matthew Wilson
Tanka by Rebecca Melanie Sunquist
Castles of Fairies and Skulls by Kristin Roahrig
The Alien in My Bed by Debby Feo

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