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The Lay of Éandir

Length: 51 pages49 minutes


In the druid stronghold of Andirel, young Lord Éandir Niadhin is undergoing training in the ancient arts of the Triune Mysteries. But Éandir's teachings are interrupted when he is called north by the great god Cíanrod – he has been chosen by the elder gods to participate in an ancient and powerful ritual.

Together with his mentor and best friend, Celaren Mirvaen, Éandir must heed not only the call of a god, but also confront the power that lies dormant within himself, desperately seeking to escape. And all the while there are rumours coming from the north. Whispers of a rebellion that seeks to achieve the impossible: to kill the gods and drive their believers into the sea.

The Lay of Éandir is the first scroll taken from the mythical Wellspring Codex, a long-lost tome detailing the history of Inderiar – a world now forgotten to all but the Wise.

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