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You Can Take Better Pictures In One Hour: Sunlight Shooting

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Cameras and direct sunlight do not work well together. Direct sunlight is the hardest lighting situation to take pictures in because you have no control of it and very few options to try to modify it. This book teaches and demonstrates how to get the best pictures possible shooting in direct sunlight on a sunny day.
The more you know about photography, the better your pictures will be, and the more you will enjoy photography. You will quickly understand the concepts and learn the techniques without a lot of words to confuse you so you can go out and take some awesome photographs.

Page count was never a concern to me, covering the concepts was. I’d rather have 30 very informative and useful pages than 300 pages of fluff. An average reader should be able to get through this book in about an hour and see an instant improvement in the pictures they take. You will not need to take out a loan for the tools I’ll show you. The most expensive tool I recommend is about $40, with most of them being far less than that, down to a few pennies or free.

I wrote my first photography ebook to fill the need for a short, easy to understand, basic photography guide. In You Can Take Better Pictures In One Hour – The Basics, I covered the topics and concepts you need to know to take good pictures without all the confusing rhetoric that every book I had reviewed had in it. It was about knowing your camera and using to the limits of its features. Good photography is only 10 percent about the camera. It is 90 percent about the person taking the pictures. I continued to write books on how to take better pictures including posing people for pictures. This is the first of the lighting topics, with several more to come.

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