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G-TRAX Devo's-Spiritual Gifts Part 1: Are You a Minister-Type Peeples?

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From the Intro of the study
Imagine yourself on an archeological expedition to Mexico. You are to go to those ancient Aztec temple ruins and find the mummy of an Aztec king named "Hooba-hooba-snarfblat-foo-foo head" or "Hooba" for short, buried deep within the ruins of the Aztec temple named "No enter this-ol' temple unless you want a gazillion fire-breathing ants crawling into your nostrils and eating your brain" or "Oog" for short.

King Hooba had a slight problem naming things with long names. That's why he was nuked by his people. They just got tired of trying to remember all of the long names and they revolted. To get rid of him, they fed him oatmeal until he exploded. Then they sucked out his brain and buried him deep in a secret chamber in temple Oog.

You had packed all of the stuff that you needed in order to find his burial chamber. The most important part of your gear was the notebook that contained all of the secrets of the temple. Without that notebook, you would get lost in the temple and never find your way back out. You had spent over 20 years researching the secrets of the temple and wrote your findings in the book.

So you set out on this long expedition to find King Hooba. When you reached Mexico, a guide (it should be spelled "gide", Oh well!!) met you whose name was Chichi. His job was to guide you to the ruins.

It was a four-day trek into the dark jungles of central Mexico. Chichi skillfully guided you through trailless jungles over raging rivers using only a rope bridge to cross. He was sure to avoid those areas that were invested with the dreaded Tsetse flies. If one of these flies were to bite you, your brain would liquefy and run out your nose. If you blew your nose, you could literally blow your brains out. He led you through these mountains that were too steep and dangerous to traverse. In order to get past the mountains, Chichi took you through tunnels. There was a maze of tunnels in these mountains. They were hundreds of miles long. Some tunnels led to other tunnels while others led you nowhere. Still others led you into deep crevasses that meant certain death. He skillfully led you through the maze to the other side. The floors of the tunnels were littered with bones of those who dared venture into its depths without a guide. Just imagine, sinking deeper and deeper into this abyss of tunnels never to see the light of day again.

Finally you emerged from the tunnels on the other side of the mountain. Below you was this enormous lush valley. It was covered by a carpet of grass. Trees dotted the valley. It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. There was a mist that blanketed most of the valley. Off in the distance you could hear exotic birds sounding off as if to warn trespassers to keep out. There was an eerie air about the valley. You couldn't quite pin it down but you could feel that something was dangerous about this valley. Even your guide was slightly nervous, but you had come to your final leg of the journey to the temple. You weren't about to turn around now.

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