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Book 3 in the award-winning Tesla Evolution

"I've been chased across the land by cyborgs, dragons, giant spiders, and mutated zombie people. I've seen the destruction of cities, the death of my family and friends, and the fall of an empire. To be honest, I've had enough of adventure. I wish I could go home but it got blown up by the cyborgs when they came and killed everyone in my town."

As one war ends another begins, as a fleeing dictator seeks an alliance with an old enemy in the east. Politicians lie and cower as they lead the people into an infected future, trading away innocent people for a despairing grab for power. For many, the price of war becomes too great. Enemies become friends, friends become enemies, and the land continues to die.

Sebastian learns that in war there are no winners, and everything has its price. Through improbable achievements and desperate sacrifice, he turns to a dark future where the only choice is to soldier on, even if it costs everything.

Includes zombies!

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