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Late Night Caller

33 pages30 minutes


Late Night Caller is intended for adults 18+ only!

Emelia is feeling a little neglected by her hardworking, sexy as hell husband, Eric...Her best friend thinks she should get some naughty naughty on the side, but Emelia says she could never do that to Eric! Then his job takes him out of state for the next six months, and when he claims he cant come home to visit, she finds out hes with another woman! Emelia decides to take her best friend up on her offer... Enter the sexy male escort Iollan (You-Lan) Grey...a stud in the sack who is there to rock her world! Can he take her mind off of her cheating husband? Hell if he cant, then nobody can!

In this story, youll read about some things that may make you feel uncomfortable, therefore readers discretion is strongly advised! Oral/Anal/Spanking/Choking have been warned!

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