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Stress Free Adventure Planning: Organize your holiday, vacation or backpacking trip with our easy travel tools and tips.

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Want to plan the perfect overseas vacation?
Always dreamed of travel but don't know where to start?
Been overseas a few times but always find that the planning throws you into a world of stress?

Whether you're planning a round-the-world trip with your backpack, your first two week vacation or even if you've traveled before but didn't feel entirely comfortable. There's a lot of information out there on travel planning but where do you start?

Step by step instructions
Organizational checklists
Money saving tips and tricks
Personal travel anecdotes
Booking Information
Links to handy tools

This book gives you all the information you need to help you plan your next great adventure. I guarantee this book will save you time, money and most importantly stress.

List of Chapters.
*How to use this book
*Your guarantee
*Why travel? – some things to consider
*Weighing the pros and cons
*What is your travel style?
*To go it solo?
*Where, when and for how long?
*When to start planning
*Research – how to find inspiration
*Saving your pennies
*Budgeting – the other dirty word
*Understanding the booking process
*Booking like a pro
*Interview with a travel agent.
*Travel insurance – what do you need?
*What to take
*Activities – find the best for you
*How to build a trip itinerary
*Things to do before you leave
*Staying safe
*Tips and tricks
*Cheapskate travel – how to save money on the road
*Common issues you may face – and how to deal with them
*Staying sane on the road
*Technology – staying connected
*Readjusting to being back home
*Final checklist
*Appendix - complete list of links
*Bibliography and further reading

(reprint 10/22/14 improved formatting optimized for more devices)

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