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God's Revelation To Man

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This is a unique story of “God’s Revelation To Man” and a story that has got to be told to give hope to others who are going through alcohol addiction. When there seems to be no hope or no way out, there is a way out and the answer is Jesus Christ, and I am the living proof of being completely delivered from alcohol addiction and set free with complete peace of mind, it is absolutely priceless.
In 1 Corinthians (6:9-11)
Jesus is able to deliver you completely by cleansing, sanctifying and justifying you.
In Galatians (5:22-23)
The Holy Spirit can, and will, produce the self-control you need to overcome.
Then one night ten years on I got completely filled with the Holy Spirit saying in an audible voice, I want you to pull a book together and to explain to my people about the revelation that I have given you, when I look back now I thought that is was going to be mission impossible to pull it off...
Mick Bonner 2014

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