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Thomas Peacemaker, having left behind a career as a wily Texas Ranger, leads a quiet life as a county sheriff in New Hampshire, enjoying the pristine natural beauty of New England as much as the chai tea lattes he gets from his local Starbucks. But when Jacques Fortier, the retired hockey star known as the Johnstown Jet, is found dead under a hexagram painted in blood, Sheriff Peacemaker – along with a crew of maverick former Rangers, two Zulu warriors, and his trusty bobcat Bill – is on the case. As Peacemaker begins to investigate the case of the murdered hockey star, he realizes he’s treading on thin ice – and as the townspeople try to warn him, he doesn’t know what demons lurk beneath the sleepy town’s serene surface. After secrets emerge about a history of occult activities in Johnstown and a series of scandals in Fortier’s past, Peacemaker realizes that his quiet county is haunted in more ways than one – and it’s going to take a magical elixir of African witch doctoring and Texan know-how to purge Exeter County of evil once and for all.
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ISBN: 9781499057492
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