The Forgotten Life of Jesus
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The Forgotten Life of Jesus is written for the enjoyment of you and me. The life of Jesus Christ is meant to impact all lives to live in the righteousness of God. This book is meant to be read by all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, color, or language. It provides an opportunity to correct misunderstanding and misguided interpretation of the life, purpose, mission, and utterances of Jesus Christ.

The lack of the complete understanding of Jesus’s words and life has been responsible for the hatred, killing, and war that have ensued in the world. There is a need to clearly convey the truth to all people. This book explains his uncommon life and messages.

It is meant to broaden the understanding of readers to make positive life changes. Man, through religion, has misinterpreted the will of God. It has brought about killing, hatred, and war in the world. The ways of Jesus Christ supersede the ways of man and bring about his peace, his love, and his truth.
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