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Conclusion of Time is a short book of poetry from this author whose previous books up-to-date include 2008 Psychiatric Abuse the Ugly Untold Truths, Psychiatric Abuse Poetry Shattering the Bloody Glass Ceiling, and Abducted by Aliens. Conclusion of Time is an offering of primarily previously unpublished works by this writer. Some of these works are directly about psychiatric abuse while others present this abuse as an undertow in the theme of these poems. Readers are advised that many poems within this writer’s collection present figurative language. Figurative language should not be taken or interpreted literally.

For additional clarity in the origins of these poems, readers are encouraged to read this author’s previously published books. This reality applies for readers needing or desiring clarification via the ample footnotes placed in this writer’s previous books. Conclusion of Time is written in English, save for its main title. This book also grants readers a full-color glimpse of the author and this author’s world or the portion of it currently available for public review. Readers who wish to correspond with this author, while it is possible to do so, many e-mail Please be advised that this writer does not read e-mail daily. Thus, it is best to be patient in waiting for a reply and/or email repeatedly to ensure reader’s correspondence does not become buried in time or spam mail. Victims of psychiatric abuse may want to visit The CCHR is another great organization attempting to assist victims of this kind of abuse. These resources for victims of psychiatric abuse can easily be found on the Internet. If you are a victim, please seek the support of these and potentially other sources. You are not alone.
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