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The Boy’s Story is the second book in the Legend Series. It is the story of one of the characters in the first book, how he came to be where he was at the critical time.

Samuel’s father went to the border regions after the wars to rebuild. Some years later, Samuel is captured in a raid and taken away to a life of slavery.

Armed only with memories of a happy childhood, buoyed only by the hope of finding his home again, Samuel escapes and sets out on an apparently hopeless journey.

He passes through many landscapes and cultures. He finds people are much the same, and there are good and bad everywhere. Yet the further he goes, the more he is convinced that what they had back in his old home was fine and special, and he will get it back, or die trying.

He makes good friends along the way. He may be tempted to stay more than once, yet homesickness draws him on. And if he gets back, will he find his dream, or not?

The Boy’s Story is about integrity, honesty, and respect—and above all, it is about being true to oneself.
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ISBN: 9781499014303
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