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Fifty-six-year-old Gilbert Morgan has treasure hunting in his blood, and knows it is there to stay. While on a dive to find a sunken ship, Morgan is nearly out of oxygen when he accidentally cuts his hand on a thorny plant. After he rushes to the surface, Morgan plans to dive again the next day without any idea that while he sleeps, his body is reverting back to that of a twenty-seven-year-old.

After his diving crew stares at him in disbelief the next morning, a now much younger-looking Morgan quickly determines the source of his youthfulness and excavates the plant. While Morgan attempts to understand how to replicate the process and subsequently commercialize it, billionaire William Bates, who has learned of the aquatic plant’s amazing powers, is busy trying to steal the process so he can carry out his diabolical plan to control the world. As Morgan’s discovery slowly transforms him from a treasure hunter to a wealthy philanthropist, Bates finds his own shocking solution to saving the world from itself.

In this science fiction thriller, an aquatic plant with special attributes causes a treasure hunter and a billionaire villain to develop separate plans to forever change life on the planet, leaving fate to decide which one will achieve success first.

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ISBN: 9781491739471
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