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Dragon's Surprise

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The worst day of Prince Carl's life has come. Atop a lonely tower, he must stand guard until a dragon comes to claim and devour his charge. Forced to watch the monstrous creature take its prize, he can only stand by as the innocent sacrifice is carried off.

The time finally comes, but the dragon carries him off instead! When she reveals her voluptuous human form, Carl is smitten with Zara the dragon and becomes her mate.

The two find happiness together, until a pair of red dragons appear, seeking to claim Zara for their own and wreak havoc and destruction on the kingdom. When Carl races home to defend all he holds dear, who will be a greater threat to his happiness with Zara: The red dragons, or his own family?

* * * Mature content. Only for 18+ adults * * *

About the Author:
Cat Wilder has been writing SF and Fantasy under another pen name for years.  For all of those years she wanted to really let it rip and tell some truly wild and wicked stories.  The e-book revolution has given her the opportunity to tell her sexy stories.  Cat is a lifelong Texan, from down around Houston, kind of Space Central for NASA.  She's married with dogs.

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