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Assaulted Souls II

179 pages2 hours


Clinging to life, two post-apocalyptic disaster survivors are rescued from a chaotic and violent struggle on the east coast of Canada. Believing they're safe, they are precipitously quarantined on a ship by the government, watched 24/7, and poked and prodded like laboratory animals. Nathan King is assured by chemical biologist Stan Imes that the injections are merely anti-radiation medication, and the quarantine is necessary to insure they aren't infected by a rage virus that has turned much of the population into frenzied, frothing killer zombies.

But survivor Velvet Jones doesn't buy it. After learning of a vicious murder, she tries to convince Nathan they are being genetically modified into the perfect super soldiers, to fight the battles of the demented megalomaniacs in power. Nathan isn't so sure.

But he soon realizes his mind is not his own anymore after violent impulses surface, propelling him to want to murder Velvet, perhaps his only ally in this living hell. Soon he learns they aren't alone. Other test subjects, some whose blood types spawn uncontrollable violent urges, are kept in a special facility and subjected to all manner of torturous behavior control techniques. The so-called deviants are ultimately executed if their adverse behaviors can't be rectified.

Suffering violent and murderous side effects, Nathan and Velvet must find some sanity in a world gone mad, and fight the most horrific battle of their lives.

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