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Balin and Columbine (Children of the May Book 1.5)

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From the pages of the Children of the May saga...

Two Murders

Two Revengers

The Magical Sword that binds them together

Balin rots in the dungeons of Camelot, unjustly imprisoned for seeking the death of the woman who killed his twin brother.

Columbine wants King Arthur’s permission to slay the knight who murdered her beautiful cousin. She carries an enchanted sword, which can only be drawn by the man who will join her quest for revenge.

When Balin and Columbine collide, castles will come tumbling down...

Balin and Columbine, published here with the short story Prince Accolon, is a novella set between Children and Ides of the May, the first two novels in S. J. Moore’s Children of the May saga. Inventively adapted from tales in Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur and other medieval sources, the Children of the May stories are full of action, adventure, magic, humour and romance - a version of the Arthurian legends for today

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