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Dark Sings A Distant Herald: A Christmas Story On Holding Back the British Twilight

Length: 593 pages9 hours


Britain in the near future is facing the sunset feared since the chaos of the post-WWII years, to include within the very borders of the home isles. An experimental opportunity zone in the heart of the Midlands is increasingly repressive and separatist. Those living in the zone have nearly lost what it means to be British.John and Elsa, two young dissenters, lead a small group to challenge the status quo and strike out on a journey to find a secret celebration. They are pursued by zealous zone enforcers, threatened by ethereal and dangerous characters, captured by lost souls, and forced to endure obstacles of uncertainty, adversity, betrayal, and disappointment.In this first book of the Distant Herald series, let the storyteller take you on a fast-paced journey in search of lost traditions, misplaced identity, new friendships, and alternatives to the gathering twilight.

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