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Kayla Grisholm is a 22 year old fourth year, bright and witty Information and Media Studies student looking forward to a promising career as a radio announcer. She yearns for people to ‘see Kayla first’, and not her purple sports wheelchair or the Dynavox Speech Synthesizer that she uses to cover up her speech impediment. She dreams of Jerome.

Track and field star Jerome Carter, hot, sexy and athletic; a fourth year Engineering student is her best friend. Why he doesn’t see her ‘for who she really is’ boggles her mind. She’s loved him since the first day they met.

Radio broadcasting director, Marc Sanderson - geeky, yet brilliant, able to design or modify anything that will make Kayla’s life easier - secretly loves her. He has never seen her disability; he doesn’t hear her speech impediment. He hears music from her lips.

But Jerome has a past of his own. And when the past meets the present, Kayla is crushed and Marc quickly steps in to help her pick up the pieces.

A near drowning, a near-death emergency surgery, and a crushing event in Punta Cana are about all that Kayla can take in her last year of university. It is a year of love, fun, passion, joy and heartache. It is a year of sharing each other’s dreams – perhaps none of them greater than Kayla’s Dream.

This romance novel allows the reader to experience adventures and setbacks from the perspective of a young woman born with cerebral palsy. Kayla is beautiful, funny, and loves life. She embraces challenging adventures with her friends, despite her physical limitations. She is determined and resilient and will stop at nothing to fulfill her dreams. She will stop at nothing until she has Jerome.
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ISBN: 9781499059465
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