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Some Personal Recollections

The purpose of this book is to share some of the fun and interesting things that happened when I was growing up in Brown County. The stories offered here were told to my five daughters around campfires and at many bedtime sessions as they were growing up. They requested that I tell them over and over again. They heard these stories, and many others like them, so many times they said they felt like they actually grew up with Cobweb, and Virgil, and Hazel, and Sis, and Bobby, and Stretch. After many retellings I was once obliged to let my youngest daughter know that I had told her everything I could remember, or even make up. To which she replied, “OK then, just start over.”

The various accounts of these uncommon experiences were reinforced for my daughters when they visited their grandmother who lived in Nashville, the County Seat of Brown County, and were able to explore the territory where they took place. All of these stories are based on things that actually happened to me and other live people in the good old days in Brown County. They are as true as creative memory will allow.

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