Toxic Murders (Jim Richards Murder Novels, #33)

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Toxic Murders (Jim Richards Murder Novels, #33)

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Length: 199 pages3 hours


Trapper's girlfriend Samantha has a problem. One of her female employees is in the hospital with a mysterious skin poisoning and she asks Trapper to help. She doesn't want to bring in the police, she runs an illegal bookie operation. Jim gets involved, but has problems of his own. His friends Dave and Sarah from up by Seattle are coming in to town to renew their wedding vows and Penny is totally excited to help arrange the wedding. Things go worse for the skin poisoning case as it turns out to be Tetraethyl Lead injected into sun block and more women are dying now. The whole crew joins in to catch the criminals lacing lotions with the poison. Penny starts the ball rolling for the wedding while Jim helps hunt for the killers. Making matters worse one of Las Vegas police detectives is being charged with murdering one of the poisoners. Will all the criminals be sorted out before the wedding? All fun and murder in this 33rd book of the Jim Richards Murder Novels.

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