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Call of the Undertow

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A beautifully written, haunting tale of motherhood, guilt, myth, and redemption set on the rugged coast at Scotland's furthest edge

When Maggie Thame, a childless 40-something woman from Oxford, relocates to a remote village at Scotland's most northern edge, it's clear she's running away. But to the villagers of Duncanby the question remains, from what? Pursuing her career as a freelance cartographer, she lives in self-imposed isolation, seeking refuge in the harsh beauty of her surroundings. This is disturbed when she falls into an uneasy friendship with Trothan Gilbertson, a strange, otherworldly local nine-year-old. Like Maggie, it's unclear where Trothan really comes from, and what secrets might be lurking in his past. The lives of both become intertwined, with violent consequences that will change the lives of the woman and boy forever, forcing Maggie to confront the tragic events that first drew her to this isolated place. This debut novel explores themes of motherhood, guilt, myth, and the elemental forces of nature in a lyrical, taut, and haunting account of damaged lives seeking redemption.

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