Haliebelle lives in the domed city of Rubyville, in the westest part of Jewel Isle. She once lived in Emerald Town before the frost overtook the domed cities. No one remembers what life was like before the frost. Haliebelle has a very small remembrance of a smile, laughter, a pair of eyes, and a double swing. It is a good memory. Life was so much better. Now she lives with her wicked stepmother, Wicked Witch Winifred and her stepsister, Witchette Sylvani. Everyone in Rubytown is wicked and angry, even Haliebelle. Emerald Towns people are snooty, and Sapphirefields people are very frightened. All of Halo Island is in shambles, except for Diamond City. Haliebelle believes if she could make it to Diamond City at the top of Mt. Zykron and speak to King Dustman, maybe the frost could be melted, maybe everyone would remember. But the entrance to the crystal staircases which connect the lower cities to Diamond City have been blocked. Perhaps... If only she could find a way to Diamond City. If only she could find a way to go to the Grand Ball.

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