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A Colorado Christmas

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Once an outlaw, always an outlaw? Has Caitlin returned to her old ways, despite marriage and motherhood? Can Jake rescue her before she's lost forever?
Even after seven years of marriage and four children, he still had the power to make her body tingle and her senses reel. There had always been that between them, since the first time they'd met. It was what had kept them together in the beginning, even against incredible odds. And now--now she wasn't certain that attraction was enough anymore. There were other things that mattered, unanswered questions that circled in her mind and destroyed her peace. She had to get away for a while to think things through.

Caitlin Lassiter tearfully boards a train with hers and Jake's children in tow, planning to spend Christmas with her brother, Devon, and his wife, Maggie. Then fate throws an old enemy in her way--Charwell, a fellow bandit from her lawless years. He's boarded her train to rob the passengers, and when he recognizes "Colorado Kate," he kidnaps her to help him pull off some bigger jobs. Now it's up to Jake, Devon,¬ and Maggie to find her before the Law does, because it certainly looks like Colorado Kate has gone back to the wrong side of justice.

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