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From Hurt to Joy, How to Transform Self-Defeating Patterns with Energy Dynamics

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Trauma or old hurts don’t have to dominate your whole life! You can improve your outlook, become your own best supporter, and feel empowered and con dent. Be the person you want to be.

This book will show you how to:
• Understand why your automatic reactions make it hard to escape the past
• Say “no” to what is not okay and “yes” to what is
• Effectively deal with emotional pain
• Reduce anxiety and physical pain
• Transform self-defeating beliefs and mental obstacles
• Protect yourself around toxic people and treat yourself kindly
• Make joy and optimism last

A fascinating book by a compassionate therapist and intuitive healer! A unique perspective with very speci c strategies for keeping hope alive and for moving beyond anxiety, trauma and unresolved emotional pain and towards a fulfilling future. An incredible resource for all who want to develop skills for dealing with life’s challenges.
—Diane M Sue, PhD, co-author of Understanding Abnormal Psychology and Foundations of Counseling and Psychotherapy: Evidence-Based Practices for a Diverse Society

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