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Assaulted Souls III

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What if the government made it mandatory for you to have a microchip implanted in your brain, telling you it was for your security, for your safety? Would you believe it? Would you take it? What if you learned world powers were installing sophisticated spy cameras everywhere to watch and record your every move 24/7? Would you believe it? Would you run and hide? Would you become a subversive and fight back?

What if you learned soldiers and law-enforcement officers had become super-soldiers, genetically modified trans-humans capable of out-running Usain Bolt, out-lifting Olympic weightlifters, re-growing limbs, and even communicating telepathically through microchips installed in their heads? Would you believe it? Would you acquiesce to the new world order? Would you revolt?

In a chillingly real examination of these questions, post-apocalyptic disaster survivors Nathan King and Velvet Jones escape government clutches, returning to war-ravaged Prince Edward Island only to discover their problems are just beginning. Not only are they being preyed upon by savage, opportunistic tribes struggling for survival, giant insects created by the new world order are also hunting for blood.

If that isn’t enough, a government desperate to cover up its megalomaniac trail of death and destruction declares them subversive enemies of the nation and launches a search-and-destroy mission. Battling multiple enemies, Nathan and Velvet soon learn their only hope for survival might be intangible: a portal inadvertently created by the genetic modification drug that seems to take them into another world, another dimension.

In chilling fashion, Assaulted Souls III illustrates just how close we might actually be to a totalitarian regime ruled by ruthless and power-hungry leaders and thugs.

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