Bezna 5:

Emil Cioran – The Book of Delusions (fragments)
Nicola Masciandaro – Following the Sigh
Alina Popa – Dead Thinking
Florin Flueras – Dead Thinking
Deanna Khamis – The Stillness of Eternity
Ben Woodard – The Horrendous Instantiation of a Homogeneous Pink Volume
Amy Ireland – Dismemberment: Twitter, Death by A Thousand Cuts
Eugene Thacker – Cosmic Pessimism
Irina Gheorghe – A Short History of the Vague
Anastasia Jurescu – Puff. A Rolled Protuberant Mass of Hair
Cosima Opartan – Left Handedness
Dylan Trigg – The Prehuman Earth
Francis Russell – Underground? In Praise of Gnathostomiasis
Stefan Tiron – Glow Baby Glow
Sarah Jones – In Darkness
Dorothee Neumann – A-Ă-Â
Aulos – From the Under-Chambers of the Mind
Liviu Diaconesei – Black Golden Skulls
Mihai Lukacs – Plagued. The Fear of Theory
Bogdan Drăgănescu – Praise of Nonknowing

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