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7 Great Things God Says about You

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God said to me sometimes ago that a change of status bring a change of life. A change of status produces a new identity and a new life. A change of status empowers or dis-empowers a man. A change of status adds value or devalues a man. Self-discovery is the gateway to success and prosperity in life. That is, self-discovery helps you to know your domain, your power, your importance and your value. It gives you audacity to challenge things that have challenged you in the past. It gives you power and boldness to say NO to enslavement, poverty, failure and mediocrity.
In this book, you will discover that:
1.You are not a mistake on earth
2.God has a plan for your life
3.No one can stop you except you
4.You can’t be a nobody because God has packaged you to succeed and prosper in the world
5.Wealth is in you
This book will change your life forever because in it you will discover greatest secrets to success, prosperity and abundant living.

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