In this third installment of the Dreams saga our hero is in dire danger.
A new knife has is being sought by both side (hero's & villains).
However its location is unknown to both!
What powers does this knife posses?
How will both sides locate this knife?
If that wasn't enough our hero has to save the ordinary people at the same time.
First up a lady trapped in her own house burns to death!
Is it an accident or is there something more sinister at hand?
Next up there's a battle of who owns the rights to a new computer program being created.
This dispute leaves the programmers in vegetative states.
There is truly more to this program than even our hero can imagine!
How does this program link to the location of the knife?
If this case is solved will the knife's location be known by our hero?
To find out how all this ends and more do read on!

For your reading pleasure two more short stories have been included.
Both these stories are unrelated to each other.
One story is about grizzly murders conducted by an unusual animal at night.
Its some sort of wild black dog on the loose devouring people.
The other story is about demons entering our realm.
If they entered our realm what do they look like?
What would they do and how could they come?
Read on to find out!
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ISBN: 9781499088823
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