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Contemporary physics is not able to determine the true content of the universe. At the present time we do not have clear scientific answers to what are the universe, particle, mass, energy, gravity, infinity, space and many more components of the universe. They are left unanswered and opened for everybody to guess. We are given descriptive definitions based on study of particle motions so we have a glimpse of what the universe does but not even a rudimentary concept of what the universe is. This scientific insecurity gives various ideologists open field to preach their doctrines about what is the universe and what are humans in it.

My background is in philosophy and physics and I spent most of my life in researching the universe content and properties. I found the real, logical answers, which as it happened do not comply with what physics at the present time calls The Standard Model of the Universe. Most of hypothetical work accomplished in this field became somehow an ideology of the modern science and a dogma of a sort. Society passionately protects its dogmas as it did in Galileo’s time so my theory will provoke resistance among some contemporary physicists and ideologists because it is not based on quantum mechanics mathematics and principle of uncertainty. Subject of quantum mechanics is universe behaviour – motions – quantities. It only recognizes what the universe does and it cannot even express what universe is. For the real answers I turned to logic and by a painstaking logical process of simplification, comparison and elimination I came to conclusions which are rather surprising, original and are supported by all true laws of physics and correctly interpreted experiments. I replaced quantum mechanics with natural logic in the new model of the universe.

None of this has ever been published.

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