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Find Your Extraordinary Love - Corinn Giuntoli

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It is my desire that you meet your beloved as soon as you start reading this book. I believe the magic in this book is that powerful.

After searching for over 35 years for my true love, all I ended up with was failed relationships, a divorce, confusion and a longing for my man. I looked around to see other people enjoying their romances, but what about me? I’m a good person. So where was my good man?

What I failed to realize was that I had actually created all of it. I truly believe that we create our reality. If I was that powerful, then why couldn’t I create a different romantic life for myself? I realized that if I wanted to create something different in my life, I had to change how I was being and what I was doing.

The year that I met the most extraordinary match for me, I decided to do the opposite of what I had done before. This book is my process. I have listed exactly what I did that was very different from my usual way of finding love. I look at people who are in the place where I was not too long ago and know that they don’t have to suffer one more minute.

In 2009, I diligently followed all of the steps that I have listed in the pages to come. I have also added tips that have come through for clients. That same year, I met my just right for me partner. He’s not the typical guy I used to fall for because I showed up in a different way and did everything much differently this time. He is who I had been looking for and so much more! I can now sigh with relief that my search is over and focus full force on my life’s purpose—helping people meet their extraordinary love, therefore freeing up energy for all to share their special passions on the planet. I can see it now—a huge forum of powerful partnerships filling our world with love.

The idea to share this information and make it widely known came to me in meditation one morning. I had been teaching Reiki and performing healing sessions on clients for about five years when I was given an assignment in one of my business classes—to find my niche. Basically, I needed to look at the kinds of people I work with in my practice and see in what areas I was able to help them. When I reviewed my records to see who my clients were, I started laughing because the majority of them were females who were looking for something very specific: THEIR MAN! The men also wanted help finding their woman. Overall, they were all looking for the same thing—their romantic love. When I realized this, I started looking back on the repetitive messages I had received for them from Spirit, along with guidance on next steps for them from my own experience of finding my partner. It was so natural and easy to help people when they came to me because I had already done it for myself. This reminded me of a course on understanding men I took with Alison Armstrong. I’ve learned so much from her and continue to benefit from her