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Jarred’s ultimate and final mission begins after his death. Although his mission began in this world, it is fortified in the hereafter, on the other side. His next eternal life in an adventure in biblical obedience. He is now an agent of God. God gives him the name Kal-El, a Hebraic term meaning “Vessel of God”. He is truly a dark ops agent in the fullest meaning of the term Dark Ops. His adventures, his torments and his greatest gratifications comes from God himself as he carries out all his missions. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined what he would be “required” to do before he becomes The Guardian and who he would be guarding. It is the ultimate completion of his destiny in the new world in the new kingdom. No doubt you will be gratified and you will have happiness and even perhaps – love Jarred more than you thought possible as he demonstrates his obedience to God. His final citizenship, although consecrated in heaven brings him to Jerusalem where he finally becomes The Guardian. The Guardian of who or what you may ask? Remember, Jarred is an angel, although a dark angel, as an angel he is only a messenger, and what a message he brings forth. Although you know what is coming…judge not, or you will be judged for you cannot kill this messenger. Amen brother! After reading this book, you will have received the message. Good luck to you…

Published: iUniverseBooks on Aug 22, 2014
ISBN: 9781491740774
List price: $9.99
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