The Bard From The Sea

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The Bard From The Sea

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After a recent holiday in the Maritimes, I came home filled with images of the ocean, and felt the urge to pour my share of humanity's waters onto the page. Is well-designed participatory democracy what people are truly yearning for? I think so. Our leaders have the mind of the few, and override the will of the mind of the many on a regular basis. A million people are far wiser than a thousand, it has been proven, and yet small cliques of rulers continue to inflict their people with the needless suffering of corrupt and incompetent law-making.

An imaginary bard comes from the sea of humanity's shared consciousness and tells us what we know to be true in our hearts - if only the laws were truly of our own creation, then the flames of hope could be rekindled in a new, creative age.

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