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Dreams of the Damned, Vol. 3

Length: 98 pages1 hour


The dark journey moves onward, into and finally through a forest where the trees' roots drink from the blood gathered by a path encrusted with razor-sharp stones. At the end of the forest, we meet, once again, the wretched soul that paints the dreams of the Damned in a whispering voice, full of death. We'll learn of a boy who plays a card game that was invented to see who lives to eat; the legend of a phial whose power is spoken of only on the darkest nights while the children sleep; the silly saga of the folks in Wickersheim, where puerile whippersnappers, old as may be, tug on pant legs, then trod forth with glee; plus, a vision where power stands atop a pedestal, looking down. More visions lie within this tome, painted by that whispering voice, speaking for the Damned, and granting peace to those lost souls.

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