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A Death In Hemlock, New York The Unsolved Murder Of Joanne Ena Lynn

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Joanne Ena Lynn's murder brings to mind how far investigations into rape and murder cases has come since she was slain on September 19, 1949. Lynn, an 11-year-old was on her way to school around 8:00 a.m. when she was abducted by an unknown person(s). Authorities placed a 14 county alert in hopes of finding the culprit. Unfortunately, in an era before gun registration and DNA evidence, investigators were stymied numerous times. 1,000s of people were interviewed. Law enforcement traveled approximately 50,000 miles between September 1949 and December 1951, searching for the sex criminal who shot and killed young Joanne. My e-book looks meticulously at the circumstances of the crimes, the failed investigation and the ancestry of the murder victim. The Lynns lived in Hemlock, Livingston County, New York. They had relocated there in the late 1940s from Quincy, Massachusetts, where Joanne's father had worked in a shipyard. As there is no statute of limitations on the crime of murder, there is still a faint possibility that the tragedy might be resolved. Though the perpetrator is likely dead, there may be someone alive with information regarding the unsolved rape murder of Joanne Ena Lynn.

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