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The Molecular Structures of Jade

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The Molecular Structures of Jade

Length: 303 pages4 hours


Who has killed the smartest woman in the world? The heroine tries valiantly to solved the cold case death of her charge and to make some sense of her all too short life. Awesome, I liked the way it was written and it was completely different than what I expected. A great book with a unique writing style and surprise outcomes. A bang-up collaboration between the authors without any style conflicts. It makes you think about life, its meaning and how every life is different; shows the strength and weakness of the spirit and how people overcome self quarrels in order to do the greater good. It somehow defines the distance people will go for what they believe is right. A full mixture of action, adventure and mystery and I would hardily recommend it. Also, it captures the complexities of Buenos Aires, weaving a story that twists and turns like the streets themselves. The suspense is maintained throughout, all the while intertwining a healthy dose of wit and humor. Back in Toronto, the cold winters street reveal a haunting truth about Jade.

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