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Taken: Part Three: Deeper, Harder, Stickier

54 pages45 minutes


Hoping is fading. The stakes are higher. The clock is ticking.

The captivity of Ryan Hobson continues... The young jock can feel the walls closing in all around him, and Jeb seems to be getting more twisted. So, when an opportunity for escape presents itself, Ryan jumps at it but his attempt ends in a massive fail. Enraged, Jeb disciplines the dumb jock, teaching him a lesson that he’ll never forget. Although Ryan is smart enough to know Jeb is attempting to mentally break him, the jock can feel that he’s starting to crack.

The third installment of the Taken Saga contains heavy bondage, chastity, dominance, submission, abduction, discipline, spanking and other elements of male on male bonding. The Dark Fantasy novella is approximately 12,000 words.

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