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Bethlehem - In the Footsteps of Jesus the Messiah - Holy Land Guide (Holy Land Tour Guide, #1)

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Bethlehem - In the Footsteps of Jesus the Messiah - Holy Land Tour Guide Volume 1

Bethlehem, is perhaps one of the three most familiar city of the Biblical world of Jesus, besides Nazareth and Jerusalem.

We have all grown too familiar with our Christmas Stories that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, so much so that we hardly read any significance from this birth-place of Jesus the Messiah any more.

Yes, Bethlehem is indeed the place. In the Bible, there is a long history behind the name.

In this series of Holy Land Tour, Raymond &
Rosa Suen, who have visited Holy Land many times, provides a Bethlehem Guide for everyone who plans to visit Bethlehem in your next Holy Land Tour.

You will see all their pictures from first hand experience.

The following topics are covered with maps and pictures:

1. Maps
2. Quick Biblical overview
3. Highway Map to Bethlehem
4 Today's Bethlehem - Modern Highway
5 Security Walls
6 Jerusalem Tunnel
7 Mar Elias Monastery
8 Rachel’s Tomb
9 Panoramic View of Bethlehem
10. Naomi and Ruth
11. David’s Well
12 Micah
13 Herod The Great
14 Birth of Jesus the Messiah
15 The Nativity Church
16 Nativity Grotto
17 St Catherine Church
18 Milk Grotto Church


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