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Hidden Pearl (Portland, #5)

Length: 357 pages20 hours


When a messenger arrives for S.T.Taggert, unwillingly it is calling him back to his Navajo roots, and even more reluctantly to love. Answering will take him away from his work and all of life as he has known it. It will bring him to a dangerous foe, someone determined to control his very soul.
Something ancient pulls S.T. to claim his own power. As dangers and powers swirl around him, S.T. must connect to that which is within himself.
With love at his side and passion that time only strengthens, life can only grow sweeter ... if he survives.
Based in Oregon, it is a character driven contemporary romance, a story of danger, an inconvenient love, spirituality, and finally the dynamics of life inside some cults. The hidden pearl is that for which it is worth living and sometimes dying.
91,900 words.  Trailer at

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