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Where did we come from? Where are we going? How can we get there? Who is God? What is God like? To what extent can God be known? Are beliefs influenced by our experiences? Are experiences shaped by our beliefs? How is the superstring field theorized by modern physicists related to us, the universe, and the Creator? Are there higher states of human consciousness? Can faith and science provide certain answers? Have we abolished wonder, mystery, and play?
The nature of God puzzles me. From one perspective, God appears transcendental, beyond my experience, distant, up in heaven. From another perspective, God is intimate, personal, imminent, and to be found within me. Is there only one God? These questions and others have intrigued me on my spiritual journey. My Catholic education helped me to identify and clarify them. Three master’s degrees and a doctorate in physiology helped me to appreciate research methods and to explore secrets of living systems. Travels on three continents brought me into contact with people and traditions of other cultures. I became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I lived under his direct guidance and taught Maharishi Vedic Science. Surviving acute sicknesses, chronic illness, and a car accident helped me to develop a dearer appreciation for human kindnesses and the power, mystery, and unconditional love of the Creator. Sunrises, seashells, stars, and seasonal changes became extraordinary wonders of nature I no longer wished to ignore. I reflected on God’s omnipresence, intelligence, and bliss. Life tutored me in lessons of the heart. I honor all of the stepping-stones on my journey.
In Craving the Creator, I share with you in prose and verse some of my experiences, inquiries, and insights. I offer them as food for thought to promote discussion, spark clarification, and enhance my personal growth and yours. Bon appétit!
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