The Art of Second Chances

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The Art of Second Chances

Length: 238 pages3 hours


Got baggage?

Sixteen-year-old Grace Callahan was sure she was done chasing normal when she and Zac fell in love.
But old habits die hard when Grace is rejected from the art program she thought was a “sure thing”, and she projects dating expectations onto her brand new, we-are-no-longer-just-best-friends relationship with Zac. Grace is convinced all she needs is a spring break at the beach with her boyfriend, so she plans an itinerary worthy of a reality TV dating show.
Until a visitor from Zac’s past shows up, sending Grace and Zac’s relationship—and her romantic comedy agenda—into uncharted territory. Chaos becomes Grace’s guide as she navigates spring break with an uncharacteristically weepy best friend, a still-just-as-nuts-as-ever older sister, a set of parents who act like they’re in a middle school relationship, and a hot guy in a barn (who loves art as much as Grace).
And Grace has packed all of her insecurities for the trip.
Worse, she may not have Zac anymore...and she might be to blame.
But as spring break turns into a spring breakdown, and Grace finds she’s not the only one with secrets, she begins to see her friends, family, and Zac in a whole new light. And Grace discovers there just might be a second chance on the horizon.

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