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Star Synastry: the Power of the Astrological Conjunction

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If a dating couple has a conjunction to just one of four personal planets - the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars - they have a 76% chance of marrying one another. While marriage is not the goal for everyone, it is still something many people dream about. Love is universal, and the search for love occupies a significant amount of everyone’s time, energy, and finances. There is a romantic fantasy attached to the idea of a wedding, and something within all of us that wants to know if we have met “the one.”
Use a simple synastry method to determine if you have Star Synastry with that special someone. Star Synastry is suited to individuals with experience in astrology, and an interest in synastry. It focuses on synastry, compatibility, and the conjunction as a marriage determinate. Includes tables, illustrations, and over 300 celebrity examples.

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