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Sela, Book 1: The Abyss

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Shifting dimensions on an abandoned planet fill the mind of a woman who believes she once lived in its thrall across eons of time, as a star warrior called Sela.

Yet did she go to the place, an outreach beyond the known universe? Or is the memory a remnant of some random game played by her brain as it senses its own imminent destruction?

What of her memory of Ren, the sarcastic and devious ruler of a starship who insists she explore the planet and find a hidden portal? What of Goren, whose love for her is both twisted and futile? Most of all, what of Randall, her best friend, who tells her what paradise can be before he is taken from her?

The planet carries voices and landscapes that change constantly. Scenes from the past and future emerge out of the air and play out on the flat sand, leading Sela and Goren ever closer to an abyss that lies waiting to open. Yet for Sela there is more, something sensed from childhood, an awareness that what is also waiting can transcend everything, forever.

Is it all true? Or is memory the greatest deceiver?

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