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Crime Files: Chilling Case Studies of Human Depravity

248 pages2 hours


This highly illustrated true crime book gives you the inside track on the latest developments in murder and mayhem - in full colour. Featuring Anders Breivik (the Norwegian spree killer), Stephen Griffiths (The Crossbow Cannibal), Russell Williams, Robert Pickton, Phillip Garrido, Serhiy Tkach, John Thomas, Jerry Brudos, Josef Fritzl, Gary Heidnik, Katherine Knight, Ed Kemper, Jack Unterweger and many others. Perfect bedtime reading from the dark side of life - grisly but fascinating. Author John Marlowe specializes in concise, yet detailed case-by-case examinations from the world of extreme human behaviour. Here, he presents a carefully chosen cross-section of depraved modern criminals.

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