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The Dream Oracle

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We all have the potential to access hidden information through our dreams. When we are awake, we tend to either forget, or deny, the inner guru that guides us on these journeys into the subconscious. The Dream Oracle shows us how to use the Tarot – a proven method of accessing archetypal images – to open up to this rich source and use its power to transform our world.

The Dream Oracle offers:
• Insights into the archetypal images that appear in our dreams
• A thematic dictionary of imagery, including settings and scenery, characters and participants, interactions, emotions and objects
• Tools to explore dream images, interpret the relevant symbolism and then relate this information to our dream experiences
• Techniques of dream management, enabling us to forge links between our dreams
• Case studies of real dreams and their interpretations

If we can learn to listen, hear and evaluate the messages our inner wise counsel is trying to impart, we can only benefit. With The Dream Oracle as your constant companion, you will notice improvements in every area of your daily life as you apply the lessons it unfolds.

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