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Marvels & Mysteries of the Unexplained: An Imagination-Defying Exploration of our World's Strangest Secrets: An Imagination-Defying Exploration of our World's Strangest Secrets

332 pages3 hours


In this amazing anthology of the baffling and the bizarre, author Karen Farrington recounts the latest investigations into strange phenomena that have mystified mankind for centuries.

Some of history's most astounding tales of the weird and wonderful are retold here in vivid detail, from the grotesque to the gruesome and from the unearthly to the plain inexplicable. Embracing themes as diverse as alien abductions, zoological oddities, Roswell and the Kraken of Viking legend, Marvels & Mysteries of the Unexplained offers a wealth of evidence, supporting it - where possible - with specially chosen images and providing valuable insights into the nature of the unknown.

This compelling and timely examination of our planet's most astonishing secrets is sure to intrigue and amaze in equal measure.

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