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Indigo Tears: A Novel

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Fear is something that can build up slowly. It can begin as a tiny spark that is almost unnoticeable. It may continue to slowly grow until a small flame sends quick slicing cuts somewhere deep inside you. The fear may spread, up from your gut and into your throat until the flame begins to overwhelm you. First there is confusion and then denial and excuses. Finally there is the realization that you are not dreaming and something horrible is happening. You are living in the moment of panic.

The story begins with mildly autistic Gavin Hawkins, attending High School in Madison County, Alabama. After a panic meltdown, Gavin is assigned to a newly formed class. It is there where he meets Amy Harrison. Amy is much further along on the spectrum. Gavin lovingly refers to Amy as “Indigo,” referring to his imaginary positioning of Amy on the color spectrum. Amy doesn’t mind the private pet nickname since Amy loves the color indigo. It doesn’t take Amy and Gavin long to become close friends.

Gavin’s naturally obsessive nature enables him to focus on things that he loves, like science and music. Gavin’s cousin Billy gets Gavin interested in music when he shows Gavin his guitar. Gavin is fascinated by the concept that you can make sounds and music with your fingers. Music is a natural fit for Gavin and it doesn’t take him long before he becomes a musical prodigy. Most musical geniuses become classical musicians but Gavin chooses a different path. Gavin seeks what every High School student seeks; to have friends and be liked and to even be popular. So Gavin chooses the path to rock & roll.

Gavin eventually forms a band with his cousin. As the adventures of their band begin, they make several amazing discoveries. The first one is that Gavin’s friend Amy is a gifted keyboardist and Amy joins the band. The second discovery comes when Gavin and Amy are fooling around with the microphone and PA system and Gavin mimics a few well known vocalists from popular rock and country bands. Gavin can not only sing, he leaves listeners spellbound. He is more than good. He is called the greatest rock vocalist of all time as the band is quickly catapulted into the national spotlight. Things are going great for the band as they record their first album and begin doing short concert tours, first as the opening band and eventually as the main attraction.

And then something terrible happens. When they are preparing for a concert in New York City, Amy disappears. Gavin is first in shock and then sinks into a deep depression. Gavin spends a year sitting in his bedroom thinking about Amy, wondering what happened to her.

After over a year, Gavin begins to come out of his depression. He spends hours, days and weeks thinking about how he can find Amy. Gavin eventually develops an idea and a dream. He attends college for several years and quickly devours every bit of knowledge he can until he turns his idea and dream into a working concept.

Gavin makes one of the most significant discoveries of the twenty first century. The driving force behind Gavin’s discovery and invention has one goal; to find his soul mate Amy.

It may be possible for Gavin to find Amy but it will require him to step into hell. For Gavin to find his beloved Amy, he must enter the depraved world of human trafficking.

In the companion short story, “The Journal of Sharise Sills,” one of the trafficking victims looks back over her years in captivity as she attempts to return to life after the rescue.

Warning: Some content may be too disturbing for younger readers.

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